Football: More than a Game

Grant Jarvie, The University of Edinburgh

Explore football’s role in society today

Where did football come from, and where is it going? From street soccer to multi-million dollar transfers, from the beaches of Brazil to the fight against poverty and inequality in Africa, this online course looks beyond the pitch, to explore football’s role in society today.

Learn with well-known faces from the sport

You will be joined by Liverpool legend and former Match of the Day analyst, Alan Hansen, and Mel Young, founder of the Homeless World Cup.

Find out more on the FutureLearn blog.

Is this course only for football experts and fans?

Not at all, everyone is welcome - anybody interested in football and its place in the world. We recommend a broad interest in football as a contemporary phenomenon - you will cover some of the top football clubs, grass-roots football projects, the FIFA World Cup, and the Homeless World Cup.

What resources will I need for this class?

All you need is internet access to join in the discussions and time to work through each week’s content.

  • 17 апреля 2017
  • 5 сентября 2016
  • 11 июля 2016
  • 25 января 2016
  • 22 июня 2015
  • 20 октября 2014
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