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Starts March 9, 2015

This course provides an overview of the evolving field of cybersecurity, with an introduction to cybersecurity standards and law. Students will learn about common cyber attacks and the techniques for identifying, detecting, and defending against cybersecurity threats. They will also gain a basic understanding of personal, physical, network, web, and wireless security, as well as a foundation for more advanced study of cybersecurity.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Examine the fundamental concepts and elements of cyber security from a people, process and technology perspective
  2. Apply a holistic view of the concepts and terminologies of cybersecurity
  3. Examine basic threats and protection mechanisms for physical, personal, computer and application level security
  4. Identify basic threats and protection mechanisms for Internet, network, mobile, wireless and web security
  5. Apply the basic principles of information security in defending against cybersecurity threats and protecting information assets
  6. Investigate common cybersecurity laws, standards and best practices

Target Audience

This course is designed for students who are interested to learn about the basic concepts of cybersecurity. There is no prerequisite for the course

Required knowledge

Basic computer knowledge.

Course Expectations

You are expected to participate in the discussions regularly and submit the quiz at the end of each module. 

The self-check activities are designed to prepare you for the quizzes, please make sure you perform them before submitting the quiz.


There is no textbook requirement for the course. The module materials and supplemental reading materials in the course should provide the necessary knowledge to complete the course.

To know more about the subject consider the following book available at amazon.

LeClair, J.(Ed.). (2013). Protecting our future: educating a cybersecurity workforce. Albany, NY: Hudson Whitman, Excelsior College Press.


Dr. Jane LeClair

Chief Operating Officer, National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College

Dr. Jane A. LeClair is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the National Cybersecurity Institute (NCI) at Excelsior College in Washington, D.C., whose mission is to serve as an academic and research center dedicated to increasing the knowledge of the cyber security discipline. Dr. LeClair served as Dean of the School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College in Albany, NY prior to assuming her current position.

Before joining Excelsior College, Dr. LeClair had worked in education and the commercial nuclear power industry, serving in various management positions. She taught at various universities, including Syracuse University, the State University of New York at Oswego, and Columbia College. Her work in the energy industry brought her to the attention of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) with whom she continues to collaborate. Her recent chapter entitled Training in the Nuclear Industry, in Managing Nuclear Projects and Protecting Our Future: Educating a Cybersecurity Workforce were both published in December 2013. Volume II of Protecting Our Future: Educating a Cybersecurity Workforce will be published in Spring 2015.

Dr. LeClair has also been actively involved in a variety of professional organizations and is an advocate for attracting and retaining more women in nuclear, cyber security and other technology fields and welcomes contributions to the LeClair Scholarship for Women in Technology.

  • 9 March 2015, 9 weeks
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