edXDEMO101: edX Demo


A fun and interactive course designed to help you explore the edX learning experience. Perfect to take before you start your course.

About this Course

This demonstration is specifically designed for new students to explore and to learn how to take an edX course. Inside the demo course you will find three example weeks and lessons, containing the sorts of interactive tools found in many courses, including: videos, readings, interactive questions, laboratories, a molecule editor, an electronic circuit simulator, an interactive periodic table, a protein builder and a molecule structure tool. You’ll learn the many ways to answer questions, with hints and grading techniques explained. We’ll even keep track of your “work” in the demo and show you how you scored in your own progress report.

Have questions before taking the demo? Check our student FAQs.

Course Staff

  • Lyla Fischer

    Lyla has been involved with edX from the beginning. She’s a product manager for the edX dev team, where she gets to research which platform features will best help edX students learn. Lyla played a key role in creating this fun demo course. When she isn't working long hours helping to build the edX platform, Lyla likes to hop on her bike and find interesting and beautiful places around Cambridge, where she will pause, pull out a kindle, and read about her latest topic of interest. Lyla holds a Bachelor of Science from MIT in Computer Science.

  • James Donald

    James is a video producer at edX and helped to pull together the video for this course. He works with professors and the edX video team to create many of the videos you’ll see in edX courses. James holds a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from Bowdoin College and loves the idea of this demo course. “I can’t wait for people to see how an edX course actually works, before they dive into their first course.”

  • Erik Brown

    As an Associate Editor on the edX video team, Erik has edited, filmed, and crewed for various edX productions, from course introduction videos to labs to lectures. Erik aspires to help edX make education as inviting as it is accessible. Erik enjoys all things indie art. He received his Masters of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Kingston University, London.

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