Hospitality and Tourism in China: A Global Perspective

Chloe K. H. Lau , Zhaoping (George) Liu , Hanqin Qiu , Denis Tolkach , Vincent Tung , Markus Schuckert , Yvonne Li Zhisheng , Muhammad Aamir Khan , HKPolyUX

Learn how China and Chinese travelers play an important role in the global tourism and hospitality sector, and prepare for your first trip to China.

China is one of the world’s most populated countries and one of the largest markets with an increasingly powerful economy. As a result, China influences the world with its outbound travel, trade, politics and culture. China is a society transforming itself through economic development where travelling and tourism play an important role.

The purpose of this subject is to introduce travel trends within and outside China from global perspectives and to explore the present and future development in China’s tourism and hotel business.

This interactive course empowers you to understand China’s tourism sector from a global scale to its local impacts.

What will you learn

Upon completion of the subject, you will learn:

  • Experience how China is opening to the world and the future trends and developments of China’s hotel and tourism industry.
  • Gain expert insights into Chinese outbound tourism.
  • Understand how Chinese social media works and its role for the tourism and hotel industry.
  • Learn about training and jobs in China’s hotel and tourism sectors.
  • Understand Chinese food and Western wine pairing.
  • Learn about stunning destinations like Guilin, and how tourism impacts places, culture, people and environment.
  • Experience emerging tourism trends in China for example cruise or health tourism, and learn how the sharing economy will impact the future of tourism in China and the world.

  • 15 November 2016, 6 weeks
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