Extend Your Application with REST Services

Chris Howd, Daren May, Microsoft

Learn how to migrate a Visual Studio 2008 Windows Forms application to Visual Studio 2017, and then modernize the application by implementing REST APIs and cloud services.

In this course, you will migrate a legacy WinForms application to Visual Studio 2017, and then update the application to take advantage of today’s modern coding technologies.

During the labs in this course, you will take a Windows Forms application that we built (for a training course) almost 10 years ago, migrate it to Visual Studio 2017 and the latest version of the .Net framework, and then integrate Rest APIs and Azure Services in order to improve security, scalability, code re-use, versioning, deployment, and other factors. The modernized application will implement cloud services like Azure Active Directory, Azure SQL Database, Azure App Service Web APIs, and continuous deployment.

The target audience is any developer who has legacy Windows apps and is responsible for updating and maintaining the code in a cost effective and timely manner.

What will you learn

  • Migrate a legacy application to Visual Studio 2017
  • Add support for high DPI displays.
  • Create an Azure Active Directory with Users and Groups.
  • Register an application, implement authentication and authorization as an Azure AD user.
  • Create an Azure SQL database
  • Migrate local database to Azure SQL database.
  • Implement app connection to Azure SQL database.
  • Add a WebAPI project to your solution.
  • Implement WebAPI controllers to encapsulate data access.
  • Implement a REST based API accessable to multiple apps.
  • Implement a service layer for data access.
  • Register a WebAPI service with Azure AD
  • Add user authentication to WebAPI requests.
  • Deploy your WebAPI to Azure
  • Implement an Azure-hosted WebAPI in your app.
  • Implement source control using GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services
  • Implement continuous delivery for a WebAPI deployed to Azure.

  • 1 июля 2018
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