Application Design Considerations: An Inclusive Approach

Gerry O'Brien, Microsoft

Learn best practices and guidelines needed to create Web pages that are more inclusive and empower your users to get the most out of your Web page.

Creating applications without considerations around diverse abilities can incur additional costs downstream if you are not complying with legal requirements. In this course, we will teach you the guidelines and best practices to design applications to support users with diverse abilities. The focus is on helping you understand the diverse abilities of users for your applications and then present concepts and ideas to help you ensure your application experiences are inclusive for many different users.

What will you learn

  • Best practices and guidelines to make your Website more inclusive
  • Accessibility tools
  • Page structure
  • Aria attributes
  • Required attributes
  • How CSS affects accessibility
  • Communicating text for screen readers
  • Control elements
  • Complex controls
  • Images
  • Links
  • Edit, email, and search boxes
  • Charts and graphs
  • Forms
  • Filets and legends
  • Choosing UI frameworks
  • Filters and sorting
  • Accordion
  • Tab controls
  • Carousel
  • Tables
  • Overlays
  • Optimizing usability while fixing accessibility issues
  • Error messages
  • Fixing order issues
  • Fixing a form

  • 1 июля 2018
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