Sex, Science and Society

John Aitken , Jessie Sutherland , Alan Hayes AM , Kirsty Pringle , Ann Taylor , Catherine Chojenta , Jacqueline Coombe , Marguerite Johnson , James Bennett , Daniela Heil , NewcastleX

An interdisciplinary look at the biological, technological, and social factors that influence human reproduction.

How are advances in reproductive science impacting fertility, society, and ultimately, the long-term future of our species? What are the social factors that influence the choices we make about reproduction?

Led by a world leader in reproductive biology research, Laureate Professor John Aitken, the course has been prepared by professors, research fellows, and researchers across biological science, health, sociology, anthropology, classics and history.

The course will examine how sperm and eggs (gametes) are made; how fertilisation is achieved; and successful pregnancy initiated, maintained and completed at birth. These developmental principles will be studied alongside social factors such as the construct of family, education, poverty, and sexuality. The course will also look at how Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) combine with these factors to dramatically affect the reproductive choices people make.

  • 8 ноября 2017, 5 недель
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