Japanese Pronunciation for Communication

Takako Toda, WasedaX

Practice pronunciation and improve your spoken Japanese in context.

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One of the most challenging aspects of learning Japanese is pronunciation.

Most non-native Japanese speakers, whether basic level or advanced, have experienced at least one situation when they were misunderstood or couldn’t share their true feelings because of incorrect pronunciation.

If you are a Japanese learner, anywhere around the world, this language course has been designed to help you improve your pronunciation, and give you confidence in spoken Japanese.

Join Professor Toda at WasedaX to practice your pronunciation, improve your communicative Japanese and become a confident Japanese speaker.






What will you learn

  • Appropriate pronunciation, accent and intonation to improve your communicative Japanese
  • Different techniques to practice and improve Japanese pronunciation, including “shadowing”
  • About Japanese culture and society through pronunciation practice

  • 26 марта 2018
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