University Preparation Course: Getting Ready for Success at University

Graham Scott, University of Hull

Learn how to succeed at university and in higher education

Success at university is about more than attending classes and sitting exams. Understanding how university level education differs from school or college life can help you to transition into university effectively and to succeed in your studies.

This three-week university preparation course is designed to show you how UK-based university level learning may be different to your previous educational experiences, with the ultimate aim being to prepare you for success at university.

Reflect on the differences between university and school or college education

You’ll identify different ways of thinking and behaving that can set you on the path to success, and will understand the ways that university systems and the people within them will support you to achieve your very best.

You’ll also reflect on the differences between university and school or college education, and will discover how to prepare yourself for this change.

Develop a personal success plan at university

You’ll then get to grips with how university students learn and how they are assessed through exams, coursework and more. From here, you’ll then identify the ways in which you’ll be supported to succeed, and will start to develop your own personal plan for success.

Ultimately, on completion of this course, you’ll have reflected upon your current strengths and identified those areas that you might like to develop whilst at university.

Learn with higher education experts from the University of Hull

The University of Hull is one of the UK’s older universities with a rich tradition of teaching innovation and of support for a diverse student body.

Their Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor of Education, and the Director of their Teaching Excellence Academy have all been recognised as National Teaching Fellows.

This course is aimed at prospective higher education students wishing to study in the UK.

This can include school or college leavers, those returning to education and UK based and international students.

  • 15 February 2021
  • 18 January 2021
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