Observing Earth From Space

Iain Woodhouse, The University of Edinburgh

Gain insight into how satellite data is used to monitor the Earth

There are now over 600 satellites observing the Earth, with hundreds more to be launched over the next decade. ​

Over this 4-week course, you will learn how satellite data informs our understanding of the natural environment and the impact of human development, finding out about different sensors that are carried by satellites and how they orbit the earth to detect changes to the planet. ​

Discover easy to use tools to view and analyse images

Using a powerful new web tool, Earth Blox, you will be able to explore satellite data from anywhere on Earth. You will use this to learn how satellite data is used to monitor Earth, from uncovering information about climate change to how global deforestation is measured and the effects of pollution. (Please be aware that EarthBlox isn’t suitable for use on mobile phones).

Discover the satellite applications in weather, climate, and environmental change

With the advancement of satellite imagery and orbit coverage, we can now measure a wide range of physical attributes of the Earth system from space.

This course will guide you through how the weather is monitored from space, as well as how the oceans, atmosphere, and pollution are measured. You’ll also dive into the cryosphere and biosphere of Earth and discover how these are viewed, monitored, and measured using satellite data.

Learn from Earth Observation experts at Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University is one of the preeminent Higher Education Institutes for Earth Observation (EO) in the UK. Not only are they are a member of the National Centre for EO, but their staff are involved in international space missions, world-class EO research, and creating new companies.

This course is designed for anyone interested in earth observation and the applications of satellite imagery.

It will be especially useful for anyone working in businesses related to the space sector, or for students wanting to explore the topic before choosing further study and a career pathway.

The development of this course was co-funded by the UK Space Agency and ESA Space Solutions.

This course relies on learners using EarthBlox™ software in order to successfully complete the course. You will get the best experience using a laptop or desktop computer, rather than a mobile device with a smaller screen.

  • 12 July 2021
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