Precalculus: the Mathematics of Numbers, Functions and Equations

Francis Clarke, University of Padova

Get an introduction to precalculus fundamentals

This course is the first of two precalculus courses from the University of Padova that will provide you with an introduction to the fundamental mathematical skills required to complete your first course in calculus.

You will learn the basic precalculus required for college or undergraduate-level studies, including factoring and division, sets and set operations, reasoning and proofs, functions and graphs, and equations and inequalities.

On this online precalculus course, you will gain the foundation to support further mathematical studies and improve your use of maths in everyday life.

This course is for anyone who wants to brush up on their basic mathematical skills, particularly students in the last year of high school, or at the beginning of undergraduate studies, who intend to take a first course in calculus.

  • 15 June 2020
  • 18 November 2019
  • 3 June 2019
  • 12 November 2018
  • 11 June 2018
  • 26 February 2018
  • 30 October 2017
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  • Language: English Gb


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