Teaching Climate Change

Tom Lyons, National STEM Learning Centre

Teach the causes of climate change, and how we can mitigate global warming

On this course, you’ll learn how to successfully teach climate change to secondary school students aged 11-14 years old.

You’ll learn about the key facts behind the climate crisis, before going on to develop practical learning activities for your pupils.

Discover how to teach climate change in schools with Climate Detectives

Using unique resources from the European Space Agency (ESA), you’ll work towards leading a team of students through the ESA’s Climate Detectives project.

Climate Detectives encourages students to research a local climate issue in their area, and use ESA resources and information on the ground to work towards a solution based on the analysis of secondary data.

Understand what climate change is and how we can mitigate it

To bolster your knowledge of the subject, you’ll learn the difference between weather and climate, and investigate the causes and effects of climate change, learning about how the climate is affected by both geological and human factors.

You’ll understand how to collect and interpret data from the Earth Observation satellite, using it to develop projects that engage and inspire your students to investigate and communicate local climate issues and solutions.

Work with other teachers to develop your practice

Alongside an international cohort of teachers, you’ll explore how the topic of change change is used in the taught curriculum, how to develop a research question using data, and how to organise your findings using the relevant scientific terminology.

You’ll finish the course confidently able to facilitate teaching and learning of climate change in your classroom, using cutting-edge resources and expertise from the ESA.

This course is designed for teachers of secondary school students aged 11-14 years old, including Key Stage 3, S1-S3, and Junior Cycle (Ireland).

In the second week of this course we look at visual satellite data from the Earth Observation Browser. You will not need to use the EO Browser to complete the course and alternative data sources are available.

  • 7 June 2021
  • 22 February 2021
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