Neo4j Koans

Ian Robinson, Jim Webber

A koan-style tutorial in Java for Neo4j.

This set of Koans provides a hands-on tutorial for learning the Neo4j open source graph database. It's part of a more comprehensive tutorial often presented by the authors and other folks.

The Koan idea was borrowed from the Ruby Koans which provide a number of broken unit tests, and in fixing those tests increasingly advanced Ruby features are learned. The Koan model provides very rapid feedback and a structured learning path wrapped in a pre-configured environment for effective learning.

These are very desirable characteristics when it comes to learning Neo4j too, and so the Neo4j Koans have adopted the same model: there are a set of (broken) unit tests, and in fixing each of them we learn some aspect of using Neo4j. As we work through the Koans we'll learn increasingly sophisticated APIs, modeling and querying techniques, and become fluent in the Cypher query language. At the Koans we'll feel supremely confident about using Neo4j in production.

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