LEAD: Getting (More of) What You Want - Negotiating, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Value Claiming

Margaret Neale, Stanford LEAD Program

The Course

This is a LEAD Elective Course, exclusively part of the Stanford LEAD Certificate in Corporate Innovation: an immersive online program designed to be completed in one year. LEAD Certificate comprises 8 courses: 3 required foundation courses and 5 electives you choose.

  • Learn at your own pace, on your own turf with self-paced video lectures and assignments
  • Build an exclusive network of highly-qualified change agents from around the globe
  • Exchange ideas and collaborate with senior faculty, peers, and teaching teams through live virtual interactions, projects, and discussion forums

Enrollment is limited. Tuition for the 8-course certificate is $16,000. To be selected for the September 20, 2016 LEAD program start, applications will be accepted through August 17, 2016. There is no fee to apply to the Stanford LEAD Program.

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Course Overview

One of the most common associations that executives have when thinking about negotiations is a battle. Almost with the thought about negotiating, negotiators are already starting to put on their armor, ready to do battle with their counterparts. The goal is to take from them resources that they do not wish to share, and to keep them from taking resources that you do not wish to share with them. While there are negotiations that fit this description, most of our negotiations are not battles – unless by expecting a battle, you create one.

Negotiation is all about influence. In our daily lives, we rarely have the opportunity for successful command and control. When we negotiate, you cannot command a solution. Negotiating is an interdependent process; you cannot force the other side to agree. Rather, you need to create proposals that engage them as a willing partner in your solution.

In this course, the objective is to develop negotiating fluency: knowing when to prepare for battle and when to engage in collaborative problem solving. However, not just any solution will do. Rather to get (more of) what you want, you are looking for a particular type of solution – one that makes you better off than your status quo or your alternatives while, from your counterpart's perspective, keeps them whole or makes them better off.

Relying on decades of empirical research, the purpose of this course is to provide you with a set of tools and a theoretical understanding of the strategies and tactics that can improve the quality of your negotiating outcomes and your ability to get (more of) what you want. The course combines experiential, hands-on negotiations with the development of empirically derived frameworks that can improve the quality of your negotiations – whether you are negotiating with your colleagues, your boss, your subordinates, friends, family members, and even strangers.

Key topics include:

  • Making the choice to negotiate
  • The infrastructure of negotiation
  • Creating value vs claiming value
  • Steps to effective preparation for negotiation
  • How and when to walk away
  • Power – how to get more when you have it, and when you don't
  • When there is more than one person across the table: teams and coalitions in negotiation

In the course, we will employ both self-paced video and hands-on negotiation exercises to help you gain mastery of various negotiating tools and to develop a strategic framework for getting (more of) what you want in your negotiations.

The Instructor

Margaret Neale

Adams Distinguished Professor of Management

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