Virology Toolbox

Prof. V. Racaniello

Methods used for the study of viruses

Viral growth
* Multiplicity of Infection
* Influenza virus growth in eggs

Viral detection
* Influenza hemagglutination inhibition assay
* Influenza microneutralization assay
* Detecting viruses: the plaque assay
* Measurement of viruses by end-point dilution assay
* The western blot
* Detection of antigens or antibodies by ELISA
* Detecting viral proteins in infected cells or tissue by immunostaining

Viral Bioinformatics
* Introduction + Homology
* Dotplot
* Recombination
* Introduction to multiple sequence alignment
* Viral bioinformatics: Multiple sequence alignment – Jalview
* Viral bioinformatics: Multiple sequence alignment – Base-By-Base (BBB) editor
* Viral bioinformatics: Sequence searcher

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