Ethical Hacking and Web Application Security

Gautam MD Certified Information Security Expert, C|EH, Udemy



“Taught me how to protect my business from being hacked.”

“As a small business owner, one of my greatest concerns is a cyber attack from a malicious hacker who is trying to bring down my website. This course helped me understand the types of tactics that a person may use to hack it, and now I can protect myself and my business assets. Great course. Highly recommended. — Daniel Oase, MBA

LOCK-OUT HACKERS from your website, computers & systems

This is the BEST COURSE CHOICE for anyone or any business that uses computers! You’ll learn to protect your systems, networks, and websites from unauthorized hacking. Invaluable for web developers, business owners, corporations, developers, even parents and students.

“Help! My site’s been hacked!”

“Help! My site’s been hacked!” That cry’s heard hundreds, even thousands of times daily all over the world. Computer hackers are making millions these days hacking their way into websites of all sizes, from small businesses to major retailers like Target.

The costs are enormous. Hackers are voracious thieves, stealing confidential financial information belonging to you and your customers. And hackers can plant viruses and malware that can corrupt your files and shut down your business cold.

“The online world’s an insecure place.”

“This course introduced me into a real insecure online world. I wish I had this course before. Thanks Gautam, for such a wonderful course.” — Steve Robson

To protect your business, your website, and your systems, you need our ethical hacking tutorial, “Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Web Application Security.” You will gain the knowledge, tools, and experience you need to protect websites from hackers who want to get at what you have. Using the skills you’ll learn in our course is like triple locking and barring your home’s doors against burglars.

And, enroll in our course and you’ll be ready to protect others’ websites, too — friends, associates, businesses, and corporations. Our ethical hacking tutorial prepares you to take the Certified Ethical Hacker Examination — the essential qualification you’ll need to open a high-paying career path as a professional Certified Ethical Hacker (CIEH).

Ethical Hacking is PREVENTATIVE Hacking

Everybody knows what hackers are: bad guys — criminals — who find and exploit vulnerabilities within computer systems for financial gain; who learn and divulge secret information; and who sometimes corrupt systems just to prove how computer-savvy they are. Lot of crazies out there and some of them are extremely advanced in cyber-terrorism.

Ethical hacking is GOOD hacking, preventative hacking. An ethical hacker works on his or her own system to protect it, or works within an organization to make sure their networks and computer systems are secure. The ethical hacker uses the SAME methods and skills as the “unethical” hacker. Ethical hackers use the same sophisticated skills to discover and correct computer security vulnerabilities.

The difference, of course, is ethical hackers help others, protect systems, work within the system, defeat unethical hackers from gaining access to classified info and systems that aren’t as secure as the developer may have thought they were.

Shortcut to becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker can become a Certified Ethical Hacker by taking and passing a certification exam. With a certificate, you, as a Certified Ethical Hacker can start a profitable business as an on-call technician. You can do preventative maintenance to protect companies’ systems, or you can go in as a highly-trained “fixer” and get systems back up and running after they’ve been hacked. Either way, your ethical hacking services are in high demand!

How to become a Certified Ethical Hacker? Take our course in ethical hacking training. You’ll learn all the concepts you need to prepare yourself for the Certified Ethical Hacker Examination (CIEH).

Don’t wait until you’ve been hacked.

Take our ethical hacking tutorial and you’ll receive hands-on training that divulges the vulnerabilities of all major web applications. You’ll discover any PC’s shocking vulnerabilities and how hackers exploit them. You’ll learn about web snippets and how to secure them.

Why take THIS ethical hacking training?

Nearly two thousand students have taken this course because…

  • It’s the most advanced course in the world on the subject. It covers cutting edge hacking techniques and technology.
  • You’ll learn to go undercover, go underground to extract advanced attacks and exploits.
  • You’ll learn to think like a “bad” hacker. You’ll be able to analyze how hackers operate. What they want and how they get it.
  • You’ll learn real life ethical hacking methodology beyond automated vulnerability scans and simple information security tests.
  • You’ll get your hands dirty with actual hands-on labs.
  • You’ll learn to attack a remote system right over the internet.
  • You can even help bust hackers, presenting them to the defense community!
  • Plus…We’ll prep you to take & pass the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam

    When you complete “Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Web Application Securityyou’ll be totally prepared to take the Certified Ethical Hacker Exam from Pearson VUE.

  • You’ll learn all the concepts, see all the demo videos to groom and prep you for the exam.
  • You’ll be ready to go for the most highly demanded certification in the Information Technology and Information Security field.
  • You’ll get intensive, real world training and even receive sample papers on essential exams.
  • Once you’ve gained your Ethical Hacker Certification, you’ll be able to apply for jobs just about anywhere in the world.
  • You could even start your own security-based company!
  • Learn exactly how to protect electronic data — yours and others’

    Enroll in our tutorial and you’ll own over 20 lectures and three hours of highly instructive content on ethical hacking. You’ll learn to craft your own exploits and attacks on targets you choose…so that you learn how to defeat malicious hackers who’re plotting the same strikes.

    You’ll learn to easily spot deficiencies and vulnerabilities — weak spots begging to be hacked — in virtually any system and web application.

    And you’ll be well prepared to take the examination that will enable you to become a highly paid, highly sought after Certified Ethical Hacker!

    Category: Technology
    • What are the requirements?
      • Basic knowledge of networking
      • Basics of any object oriented programming
    • What am I going to get from this course?
      • Over 20 lectures and 3 hours of content!
      • You will be able to think on crafting your own exploits and attacks on targets.
      • It prepares you for ec-council C|EH Exam
      • Finding vulnerabilities in systems and web applications
    • What is the target audience?
      • Students
      • Parents
      • Anyone who has passion to learn

    SECTION 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Introduction
  • Networking Concepts
  • Footprinting
  • Reconnaissance
  • Enumeration
  • Small Quiz
  • SECTION 2: Hacking into Systems
  • An Introduction to Metasploit
  • Playing with Metasploit
  • Browser Exploitation
  • Sniffers
  • Small Quiz
  • SECTION 3: Web Application Security
  • Setting up lab for web application security
  • Denial of Service
  • Command Execution
  • CSRF
  • File Inclusion
  • SQL Injection
  • XSS (Reflected)
  • XSS (Stored)
  • Small Quiz
  • SECTION 4: Real World Scenarios
  • Live disclosure Vulnerabilities on Famous Websites
  • C|EH Practice Questions
  • SECTION 5: Conclusion
  • Conclusion
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    • Language: English Gb


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