Color Basics for Print Designers



Have you ever been surprised by how a different color looks when printed on paper, compared to how it looks displayed on screen? Do you get frustrated by endless discussions with clients about why a printed piece looks different than the pdf they approved? This 35-minute course will explain why the colors that you see is much different from that which your monitor can display, and what your printer can output. By the end, you'll have scientific proof that you simply cannot reproduce all the colors of nature.

Who Should Take This Course

  • Print designers and producers who want to learn the essentials of working in color.

  • Print designers who aren’t familiar with production techniques, and who want to gain a foundation for understanding the 4-color printing process, and how spot colors, such as Pantone® inks, can supplement it. 

  • Beginner print, web, and mobile, designers who want to understand color theory.

  • Writers and editors who want to gain insight into the design process. These students should please note: this course is technical in content, and color theory will not be covered.

  • Users of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, who want to understand the pre-press process as it relates to color separations, and the use of spot colors, such as Pantone® inks.
What’s Required
  • A desire to explore the covered topics.
Suggested Resources 
  • Notebook & something to write with, or equivalent tools.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 10 Lectures 36:23 + – Course Lectures 1 Lecture 01:40


Introduction Preview 01:40 + – How Color Works 2 Lectures 05:33

Why we can't reproduce all the colors we can see, either on screen or in print.

The Science of Color Preview 02:19

Both in light and pigment, three colors combine to form all the others.

Primary Colors Preview 03:14 + – Reproducing Color in Ink and Pixels 3 Lectures 19:27

Process and Spot colors

Printing in Color Preview 03:55

How photographs and artwork get printed.

Images 08:16

Printing combined images, text, and other elements.

Layouts 07:16 + – Color Is—and Isn't—an Exact Science. 2 Lectures 05:46

Why the same color won't look the same in different environments.

Variables 05:46 When Print and Digital Meet 1 page + – Course Wrap-Up 1 Lecture 01:57

A brief review.

Closing 01:57 + – Resources 1 Lecture 00:00 This is an interactive pdf, contains links to Helpful publications for reference and further exploration. UD Color Basics 9 Resources 1 page
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