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Dreamweaver—The go-to web design tool for creative professionals. Expert video trainer, artist, and designer Geoff Blake introduces you to the world of Dreamweaver and web design in this monster 10-plus hour training course, packed with tricks, techniques, and hands-on tasks—made specially to be an easy, non-jargonny approach for Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4 users.

Master key concepts and explore the array of possibilities, particularly in the world of Cascading Style Sheets with Geoff Blake as your guide. You’ll not only learn the secrets and master the techniques, but you’re sure to have a whole lot of fun along the way!

Who is the target audience?
  • New users or those upgrading from an older version

  • Basic computer skills

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course, you'll be able to use Dreamweaver confidently.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 105 Lectures 10:33:38 + – Introduction 2 Lectures 01:27 Hello and Welcome Preview 01:27 Ten Ton Dreamweaver Essentials Project Files 5.2 MB + – Web Design Fundamentals 5 Lectures 45:30 HTML Fundamentals 17:47 CSS Fundamentals 14:51 Three Challenges In Web Design, Pt 1 Preview 04:41 Three Challenges In Web Design, Pt 2 05:25 Dreamweaver's Role In Web Design 02:46 + – Working in the Dreamweaver Interface 11 Lectures 40:45 Getting Started in Dreamweaver 05:17 The Dreamweaver CS3 Interface 07:12 The Dreamweaver CS4 Interface 03:12 Customizing Dreamweaver's Interface 02:59 Using Dreamweaver's History Panel 02:21 Working with the Snippets Panel 02:20 Exploring Other Panels 01:03 Fast Selecting with the Tag Selector 02:46 Saving Dreamweaver Workspaces 01:48 Viewing Code in Dreamweaver 08:36 Understanding Code Visually 03:11 + – Managing Websites in Dreamweaver 7 Lectures 40:58 Defining A New Site 08:27 Managing Multiple Sites 03:15 Arranging File Structure 11:47 Setting Up Index Files 04:32 Uploading Files 06:46 Using the Assets Panel 04:28 Task #1: Define Your Own Site in Dreamweaver 01:43 + – Adding Text and Page Structure 6 Lectures 38:27 Sample File Layout Tour & Free Resources 06:33 Inserting Structural Headings 11:09 Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists and Sublists 03:00 Inserting Special Characters 06:56 Horizontal Rules & Property Inspector Limitations 03:33 Previewing in Web Browsers, Adding Browsers, Online Browser Resources 07:16 + – Getting Started with CSS 5 Lectures 31:28 Creating & Applying a Basic Style in Dreamweaver CS3 07:18 Creating & Applying a Basic Style in Dreamweaver CS4 04:54 Two Methods For Applying Styles & Understanding the Background Code 06:04 Editing Styles Using the CSS Styles Panel 07:46 Introducing the CSS Rule Definition Dialog Box 05:26 + – Going Further with CSS 14 Lectures 01:20:07 The Three Fundamental CSS Rule Types 06:10 About The Two Types Of Style Sheets Preview 05:13 Creating CSS Class Rules 05:42 Adding A Border And Padding To A Class 03:51 The Cranial Stuff: The CSS Box Model And How Widths Are Measured In CSS 05:30 Using The Box Model To Create A Class Sidebar 11:00 Controlling HTML With CSS…With Redefined HTML Tags 07:08 Work Even Faster By Duplicating Styles 01:39 Redefining The Page Text 03:44 Redefining Bulleted Or Numbered Lists 04:51 Creating Styles In Dreamweaver CS4 06:52 Task #2: Think You’re So Big? Try Creating This CSS Rule! 02:33 Technique #1: Simple Typography Control With CSS! 05:14 Technique #2: Alright, Now For Advanced CSS Typography! 10:40 + – Managing Internal and External Style Sheets 7 Lectures 28:45 Moving Internal Styles to an External Style Sheet 04:43 Disconnecting and Reconnecting an External Style Sheet 03:13 Editing Rules within an External Style Sheet 05:34 Editing Style Sheets Without Dreamweaver 02:59 Moving Styles Between Style Sheets 05:24 Working Faster with External Style Sheets 04:27 External Style Sheets with Dreamweaver CS4 02:25 + – Working With Tables 5 Lectures 32:53 Table Basics in Dreamweaver 08:23 Inserting Content and Table Oddities 09:33 Selecting Table Components 02:09 Traditional Table Formatting 04:30 Using CSS to Control Table Formatting 08:18 + – Inserting Images 10 Lectures 01:29:29 Understanding Graphics in Web Design 09:56 Inserting & Formatting Images 15:34 Controlling Images with CSS 04:17 Dreamweaver's Image Editing Commands 06:26 Editing Images Outside of Dreamweaver 08:42
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