How to build a free A-Z e-commerce web store with Wordpress

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Learn how to build, design and develop a rock solid online e-commerce web store solutions for you and your clients with this Woocommerce Tutorial course.

I share with you my production simple step-by-step production techniques and then the benefits of using Wordpress and the FREE wooCommerce plugin solution.

This amazing FREE plugin has all the bells and whistles to impress your clients with an amazing online web store solution for their products and services. This webstore can be used for shipping goods, digital or downloadable products or the payment of any service or fees.

Take this Woocommerce Tutorial course and learn how to build a free A-Z e-commerce web store with Wordpress.

If you need a super fast web host solution for you and your clients - you may get an online web hosting with Wordpress installed for as little as $4 a month Cheap Ass Web Hosting.

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  • What are the requirements?
    • If you can point a click a mouse you will benefit from this course
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 6 lectures and 44 mins of content!
    • Install and build the wooCommerce back-end interface
    • Set wooCommerce payment settings
    • Add products and product categories to your wooCommerce online store
    • Track your invertory
    • Sell hard, digital, downloadable goods and services
    • Offer time dated coupons
    • Great a complete online e-commerce experience for your clients and their customers
  • What is the target audience?
    • Business owners
    • Part time income earners
    • Web Designers
    • Web Developers
    • Anyone looking to make money online 24/7 while you sleep!

SECTION 1: How to get started with Wordpress e-Commerce and wooCommerce plugin
  • Wordpress setup from scratch 101
  • How to install the WooCommerce FREE plugin into Wordpress
  • Install a FREE wooCommerce Theme
  • Adding categories to your wooCommerce online store
  • How to add images and product info to your wooCommerce store
  • Benefit from an amazing sales and marketing tool called short codes deluxe
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    • Free schedule
    Course properties:
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    • Language: English Gb


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