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When your personal energy levels are high, you can get things done, will feel good, sleep well, and it's easier to stay healthy.

When your energy levels are low, you probably want to nap, find a rock to crawl under, will lose your car keys, and may even chronically struggle to get things done. Worse, you'll wonder what happened to your life. And your family life and relationships will also suffer.

If your energy levels are low more often than you'd like, you're not alone. Over 80% of people tell their doctors that they are often tired. You may even be one of them. That's why there's already over 820 students who have already signed up for this course.

Yes, you can improve the food you eat, make lifestyle and career changes. You may even stop hanging out with people who pull you down. But it's not until you decide to change what you think about and how you feel that you are going to be able to increase your energy on an ongoing basis.

In this course, you're going to find out how to use small blocks of time over the course of your average day so that you can re-train the way you think and feel. You will discover how you can actually stay positive for longer and longer periods of time. The best part is that you will be able to reduce the amount of time that you might spend being negative. And all you have to do is change your mind and decide to be happy more often.

Increase Energy for Your Life gives you practical, useful tools to change the quality of your feelings and thoughts so that you can recharge your personal battery. It only takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes each time to change and improve your personal energy patterns, vibes, and your resulting energy levels. This course covers:

  • Why your current thoughts and emotions may cause you to 'leak' energy.
  • What you can do to 'pivot' and upshift from negative mental chatter to a positive mindset in 3 to 60 seconds.
  • How to stop stealing your own energy from yourself.

This course helps you get into the habit of self-generating more positive thoughts and feelings. And you will discover how to ask yourself the right questions to get positive answers so you can get your energy moving again.

Increase Energy's simple tips will help you remember to:

  • Use positive self-talk to raise your vibes (a.k.a. vibratory frequency).
  • Increase the number of positive 'now' moments you have daily.
  • And be able to stay in your personal paradise -- the one conveniently located in the 7-inch space between your ears -- more often.

Increase Energy for Your Life was developed on the principles covered in my best selling book, Energy for Your Life. My courses have already helped thousands of people in North America and Europe.

  • Some people used the materials to stop being tired.
  • Others improved their health.
  • Most decided to use the insights they learned about themselves and the way they use their personal energy to improve their relationships.

I've even coached and consulted with elite athletes and a few CEO's and billionaires so they would get the results they wanted.

In your own life, you'll be able to improve your energy in small, manageable blocks of time. You'll never get overwhelmed. You don't ever have to get down on yourself because you 'forgot' one day. Or became too busy one week.

You'll always be able to find time to do this because it is now only simple but life changing - in a good way. Every time you can improve the quality of your thoughts, you win. Your family, friends, people you work and your community also win. And you get to decide when, where, how and how much you can and will do. So you never need to feel any pressure.

And here's why I know you will be able to remember how and what to do:

  • You'll only need to remember three words to start to get yourself into a positive vibe.
  • You already know the 5W's that Socrates used -- who, what, when, where why and how. I'll simply give you a new spin on an old technique that will help lift you up and let you move your life forward in positive ways.
  • You'll be able to get out of a negative situation whenever you want so you can create and live the life you want instead.

Any and every day you want, you'll be able to use and benefit from this course and the supporting materials. Plus, I'm here to answer your questions.

Plus, if you are ready to be more positive, you'll find out how to:

  • Use and stay in your now moments more often to access high octane, positively-charged energy.
  • Stop wasting as much time living in your past.
  • Stop thinking about your future and not doing anything about it.
  • Become and stay happy for longer periods of time.

Your desire to do this course is your only prerequisite. You only need your computer, tablet or a mobile phone. I recommend you keep a journal when you first start this course. Sometimes, being able to write down what we did to release a negative thought or feeling can help us understand why we were having those experiences in the first place.

The course has two parts: the lectures that you'll do online. Then, you get to apply what you'll explore here so you can experience 30 positive moments daily. If you need to, you can access any one of the reminder lectures on your mobile phone.

What happened to me after doing this is that I've been able to emotionally bounce back faster after a rough meeting. If someone was rude or upset me, I could get out of their vibe and back into my own faster. I was also be able to stay calm when dealing with people who were not very calm or kind. It's also helped me stay in a good mood - even if things didn't work out as I'd hoped.

You'll spend 20 seconds to one minute to two minutes spread out over your entire day. You won't have to 'squeeze' in the time to do this course. You can do it during most of the activities that you already do.

I've done what I'll share with you in this course:

  • at my desk,
  • during meetings,
  • while walking,
  • even while being on hold on the phone.
  • curing commercial breaks at home,
  • while washing dishes,
  • waiting for buses,
  • and even standing in line waiting for my coffee or at baggage check.

You can feel more positive at any time during your day. And you'll gain a usable way to shift your personal energy use habits so that you will feel good about what you can do in your life.

You'll want to take this course if you:

  • feel tired more often than you'd like.
  • are still tired after you've gone on vacation.
  • feel like you're stuck in negative patterns.
  • you don't like how you feel and the vibes you're experiencing in your life.
  • know that there's a better way to live and are ready to enjoy a new way of thinking and being.
Who is the target audience?
  • Increase Energy for Your Life has already been used by exhausted moms, dads, seniors and students. Burnt out CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, billionaires, stressed managers and admins have also used Julia's materials. She's helped tired people across North America and Europe. This course is for anyone who wants to use their personal energy better by thinking positive thoughts, and using their emotions so they stop wasting as much of their energy. It's also suitable for can become more energized nd out if what you've been doing in your life has caused you to waste or steal energy from themselves.

  • Can download and read .pdf files. Desire to use your personal energy better and more efficiently.

What Will I Learn?
  • Stay more positive more often
  • Improve your awareness about how you use your energy.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 14 Lectures 01:21:56 + – Increase Energy for Your Life - Introduction 1 Lecture 11:21

Discover the reasons why you may be tired, exhausted or don't sleep as well as you'd like. This introductory lecture is a synopsis of the course. You'll find out what you can do to stop stealing your own energy from yourself. You'll also learn how your personal energy use habits are the reason you either give or steal energy from yourself.

Increase Energy for Your Life encourages you to add 30 positive moments to your day. These can be as short as a few seconds to a minute or two. The idea is to help you increase your ratio of negative to positive thinking patterns, emotions, actions and reactions. You'll be using a traditional and modified Socratic method to ask yourself questions so that you can become more aware and use this awareness to help you improve your quality of life.

Julia Hidy shares her story of how she overcame severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and became a leading expert on ways to improve personal energy use - personally,in relationships, in teams and in corporate settings. She's helped thousands of people improve their personal energy, has been featured in First for Women and Women's World magazines. Her materials have been used by tired people of all ages and walks of life, including: managers, moms, seniors, students, CEO's of Fortune 100 firms, billionaires, and people will all types of health challenges.

Increase Energy - Complementary Course Introduction Preview 11:21 + – Know Yourself to Get Energy 1 Lecture 11:48

Socrates was the greatest philosopher of all time. You'll learn how to use the traditional and a refreshed version of the Socratic method to improve your energy levels by asking yourself key questions. This will help you get to 'know yourself' and how you tend to use - or abuse - your personal energy.

You'll discover an easy way to remember the most energetically effective questions you can ask yourself. You'll also learn how you can re-frame questions to they give, rather than take, energy from you.

You'll also receive insights as to why asking questions in certain ways will instantly boost your vibes and thus your energy levels. There are no wrong questions. But there are many varying degrees of effectiveness at stake.

Ask these questions to help you find more energy from your daily routine. The excercise will make it easier for you to know when you are on track. Or when your wheels are closer to falling off than you'd like - energetically speaking.

Know Yourself to Get Energy 11:48 + – Ask the Right Questions 1 Lecture 07:44

When you ask the right questions, you can get answers that can uplift, empower and help you find a far more positive perspective. From that positive perspective, you'll produce endorphins and boost your serotonin, and improve your personal energy levels.

There are five questions you can ask yourself. They're easy to remember and will help you understand the way you've been emotionally using or losing your energy.

You'll also explore the option of asking yourself more traditional Socratic-style questions. Plus, understand the energetic pitfalls you'll experience if you don't ask yourself the most uplifting questions. Not asking yourself the right questions can keep you stuck in old, less-than-energizing, dysfunctional patterns that are likely the reason your energy levels are less than you'd like them to be.

Ask questions that raise your vibes, and you will discover a key way to boost your energy on demand. This lecture gives you specific examples of the types of questions that can raise or drop your energy levels.

Ask the Right Questions 07:44 + – Your Now Moments 1 Lecture 09:51

Knowing how to stay in, enjoy and leverage your now moments, a.k.a. your present, is key to be able to use your energy better. You'll learn how a simple and memorable, three word phrase, can help you transition from negativity you are experiencing or are reinforcing so you can ground, convert and uplift your vibes -- all within a few seconds.

You'll find out why spending too much time in your past and projecting into your future can waste your life force, time and leave you with far less energy.

You'll also come to understand how much time there really is available for your use, and how knowing this can help you become even more determined to use your new now moments to your ultimate energetic benefit.

Your Now Moments 09:51 + – Your Energy Use Habits 1 Lecture 07:37

We all have habits. The way we use our energy can make us healthy and happy, or our own personal energy use habits can cause us to lose energy far more than we'd like.

In this lecture, you'll find out if your personal energy use habits may be causing you to lose more energy than you'd like. You'll also find ways to use your new awareness of your personal energy so that you can continually enjoy and improve the ways you use your energy daily.

Your Personal Energy Use Habits 07:37 + – 5 Ways to Be More Positive and the Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Energy 2 Lectures 08:51

The five best ways to become more aware of your energy use are outlined here. Combine each of these with the, "7 Positive Steps To Use to Become More Positive" (next lecture), and you'll be on your way to creating the life you've wanted.

Note: There's a downloadable .pdf that summarizes the "5 Ways You Can Become More Aware." The same .pdf includes the "7 Positive Steps to Use to Become More Positive." It's best using these together. To access the .pdf, go to the "Supplementary Materials" tab in the NEXT lecture.

5 Ways You Can Become More Aware 01:47

There are many ways we can become more positive daily. Often, when our 'go to' reactions have tended to be negative, it may take a bit longer and will take a few more steps for you to think and feel your way back into a positive mindset. This lecture gives you the seven specific steps you can use as you re-condition your reactions so that you will and can - with your desire, focus and practice - become the positive person you know you are.

As being and staying positive becomes easier for you, you'll find you will automatically catch yourself being negative, sad, upset, or will know that you are getting down on yourself sooner.

Use this lecture as a way to give yourself back the greatest gift you can: your own positive energy being projected onto your self and back into your life.

To make it easier for you to remember these new steps as you begin to use them daily, the supplementary reminder materials for this lecture have been blended with the 5 Ways You Can Become More Aware lecture.

7 Positive Steps To Use to Become More Positive During 31 Moments or Anytime 07:04 + – 30 Moments to Increase Energy 7 Lectures 23:44

Moments 1 to 5: Start your day with positive energy and give yourself five more opportunities to be and stay more positive as you begin the first part of your day.

You can use the ideas the way they are suggested here. Or you can simply spend 30 seconds to 2 minutes being mindful and attentive to being and becoming more positive. Allow your awareness to improve the quality of your thoughts and feelings. Use these moments, as suggested in this lecture, as a basis and catalyst to improve the ways you use your personal energy throughout the rest of your day.

30 Moments to Increase Energy - Part 1, Early Morning - Moments 1 to 5 02:51

Moments 6 to 10: Often, we waste energy because we have many thoughts about our work when we aren't even in the office. Or we get upset as we prepare to get to work and ruminate on issues for far longer than is necessary or constructive.

This lecture will give you ways to re-think how you use your energy as you move from the time you have available in your personal life into your work life as you begin your day.

30 Moments to Increase Energy - Part 2, Begin Your Day 03:41

Moments 11 to 15: How can you keep your energy positive while you're at work? This lecture covers moments 11 to 15 and gives you ideas of how you can maintain your energy at your workplace.

30 Moments to Increase Energy - Part 3, Moments 11 to 15 - Energize Your Workday 04:26

Moments 16 to 20: This lecture offers suggestions of how you can make your afternoon, or the latter part of your work day, even more positive - energetically and emotionally. Take the time to practice these moments so that you can become even more aware, balanced and use your energy better.

30 Moments to Increase Energy - Part 4, Moments 16 to 20 - Boost Energy at Work 03:20

Moments 21 to 25: The transition from your work day to your personal life should be an easy one. All too often, we bring our work, troubles and concerns home with us. This lecture offers ways for you to re-frame and reconsider how you are using your energy so that you can more easily arrive home and enjoy the last one-third of your waking day.

30 Moments to Increase Energy - Part 5, Moments 21 to 25 - Improve Your Day 03:55

Moments 25 to 30: Many of us bring our work and problems home with us - literally and what we think about while we are at home. This lecture encourages you to reconnect with yourself on deeper levels so that you stay more present, and re-discover the restorative power available to you at home and in your personal life.

Bonus moment 31: SLEEP. Fifty percent of us don't sleep well. When you practice and use the 30 moments daily, you'll find it easier to get into and stay asleep. You'll feel more rested and less stressed, even before you go to sleep, and it will be easier for you to restore yourself when you do sleep.

The more often we can reconcile and work with the events and people in our lives during our waking moments, the better our minds, emotions and bodies will rest when we want to sleep.

30 Moments to Increase Energy - Part 6, Moments 26 to 30 - Home Life to Sleep 05:31 30 Moments to be More Energized Daily - Downloadable Reminder .pdf 1 page
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