How Germany won the World Cup of Nation Branding

Dr Nikolaus Eberl Chief Executive Officer: BrandOvation, Udemy

In depth analysis of how Germany managed to rebrand the entire country through the 2006 FIFA World Cup - and how country brands might apply this formula to rebrand their national image. This case study is the first ever detailed analysis of the newly emerging discipline of Destination Branding through Movement Marketing and has had significant impact on Germany's tourism brand, yielding a 31% increase in international leisure tourism year-on-year and a 47% increase in business tourism for the host city of Berlin (which has also doubled the number of hotel bookings over the past five years)

Category: Business
  • What are the requirements?
    • none
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 40 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • To understand the key drivers of national Brand Image
    • To identify the primary Archetype of the Country Brand
    • To coin a Brand Promise that is genuine and authentic
  • What is the target audience?
    • Destination Branding Executives
    • Nation Branding Executives
    • Marketing & Brand Executives
    • Government Communicators
    • Heads of State

SECTION 1: Course Introduction
  • Who is Dr Nik?
  • What this Course is all about
  • SECTION 2: Transforming the Country Archetype
  • Reclaiming the Archetype
  • The Transformation of Brand Germany
  • From Grumpy to Happy: The NEW Germany
  • Nation Branding Scorecard: Country Archetype
  • Self Assessment: Discover Your National Archetype
  • SECTION 3: Activating the Brand Promise
  • Coining the Brand Promise
  • Navigating the Brand Promise
  • Internalizing the Brand Promise
  • Symbolizing the Brand Promise
  • Delivering the Brand Promise
  • Upholding the Brand Promise
  • Activating the Brand Promise
  • SECTION 4: Restoring Civic Pride
  • Reuniting the People behind the Common Cause
  • Creating the World's Biggest FAN Club
  • Uniting the Nation behind Symbols
  • Capturing Moments of Glory
  • Nation Branding Scorecard: Civic Pride
  • Restoring Civic Pride
  • SECTION 5: Reversing Media Stereotypes
  • Reversing Stereotypes about the Country & People
  • Replacing the Old Cliches: Partyotism 2.0
  • Converting the Media to Brand Advocates
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: Media Perceptions
  • Reversing Media Stereotypes
  • SECTION 6: Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates
  • Germany's Service & Friendliness Campaign
  • Delivering World Class Service with a Smile
  • Attracting 1 Million Visitors in 100 Days
  • The Verdict: What Visitors had to say
  • Measuring Brand Advocacy
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: Brand Advocacy
  • Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates
  • SECTION 7: Reversing Domestic Perceptions
  • Transforming Citizens to Brand Ambassadors
  • Turning Pessimists into Optimists
  • Overcoming National Idiosyncracies
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: People Brand
  • Reversing Domestic Perceptions
  • SECTION 8: Socializing the Country Brand
  • FAN Centricity
  • Turning Visitors into FAN's
  • The FAN Festival Phenomenon
  • Reinventing the Visitor Experience
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: FAN Centricity
  • SECTION 9: Positioning the Country Brand for Business
  • Land of Ideas Campaign
  • Wirtschaftwunder 2.0
  • Positioning the Country Brand for Business
  • SECTION 10: Course Conclusion
  • Course Conclusion
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