How To Run A Philosophy Salon by Dr. D. Rita Alfonso

Dr. D. Rita Alfonso, Udemy

Become a philosopher, or just think like one! No philosophy background needed, just a strong sense of curiosity.

The Big Questions Are Back!

  • What Is Happiness?
  • What Should We Do and How Should We Act?
  • What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?
  • What Is Really Real? What Matters?
  • What Is the Point of Aesthetic Experience?

If you ever wished you could take part in a structured discussion of the big questions of human existence, this is your chance to take the initiative and help organize one in your community.

You can do it! Running a philosophy salon isn’t hard, and you don’t need any prior philosophical training — just a strong sense of curiosity and the willingness to question what you believe and how you think.

Dr. Alfonso, a ten year veteran of academic philosophy who also ran these salons for two years in San Francisco, will take you through all the steps needed to run a great philosophical discussion:

  • Choosing A Topic
  • Generating A Discussion
  • Testing Ideas
  • Culling Answers Together
  • The Important Experience of Hitting Upon the Limits Of Knowledge

In sum, this course teaches one method for collaborative, creative thinking, the benefits of which extend well beyond the enjoyment of philosophy alone. Educators, activists, and organizers of all kinds can benefit from taking this course.

Guaranteed To Make Your Life Richer
If it doesn’t make your life richer (but how could it not?), you have Udemy’s no nonsense money back guarantee.

Here is what her students have been saying:

"Woderfully Informative! ... I have always loved the study of philosophy, enjoy discussions, and get fired up for debates. So I was excited to learn how to moderate my own discussions." Sean T., Udemy Student

"This was a treat... I learned everything from learning how develop questions using the Socratic Method to the importance of relishing all the moments when the answers are never found. Highly recommended." Alyssa S., Udemy Student

In addition to 12 Video Lectures, this course includes:

  1. Downloadable PDFs of the Lecture Series
  2. Recreation of an Actual Philosophy Salon on the Question of Beauty
  3. The eBook on How To Run Philosophy Salons Developed on the Basis of this Course
  4. Three Hands-On Thought Experiments to Help You Prepare To Run Your Own Salons
  5. A Bonus Section for Video Blogs (or Vlogs) On Philosophical Topics. Suggest A Question or Topic!

  • What are the requirements?
    • Curiosity
    • A Willingness to Examine Beliefs and Thought Patterns
    • Wit (optional)
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 27 lectures and 3 hours of content!
    • Teach students to set up and run a philosophical discussion salon.
    • Teach students a process for collaborative thinking about philosophical topics, and beyond.
    • Help students to create a space for the enjoyment of ideas and for the discussion of the big questions of existence, as well as issues of the day.
  • What is the target audience?
    • Truth Seekers
    • Teachers
    • Community Organizers
    • Entrepreneurs

  • Introduction to "How To Run A Philosophy Salon"
  • SECTION 1: Preparations
  • What Is A Philosophy Salon?
  • Stages of a Philosophy Salon Discussion
  • Ready? Let's Go!
  • The Big Questions: Choosing a Topic
  • SECTION 2: Running A Philosophy Salon
  • First Thoughts
  • Generating Discussion
  • Giving Birth to New Ideas
  • The Pencil Test
  • Aporia
  • SECTION 3: Additional Materials
  • Frames of Time
  • Other Considerations
  • Ideas for Exercising Thought
  • "What Is Beauty vs. Style?" A Sample Philosophy Salon
  • Lecture PDFs
  • eBook on "How To Run A Philosophy Salon" (transcripts of this lecture series)
  • SECTION 4: Thank You and Goodbye!
  • Thank You and Goodbye!
  • SECTION 5: Bonus Section: Video Blogs and Other Philosophy Content
  • Observations from PhilosophyTalk's "Dance As A Form Of Knowledge" (radio show tapping)
  • What Is Existential Phenomenology?
  • Phenomenology of Art- A Reading of Duane Michals' Black and White Photo Series
  • Philosophy: A Guide To Happiness (documentary based on Alain deBotton's work)
  • 60-Second Adventures in Thought
  • Ten Favorite Podcasts With Philosophers Who Also Happen to be Women
  • Top 5 Philosophy Works For High School Students
  • Rethinking Thinking and the Inference Ladder of Thought Through Moods
  • Peripatetic Philosophical Adventures Now Live in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Can you spot any significant differences between these three top depictions...
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